Salt as Magick and Metaphor

Most magickal practitioners understand that salt is a practical and wonderful aid in various types of magickal purification workings.  We use it to clear the perimeter of a circle, to absorb negative energies released during healing work, to purify water used for cleansing, to ionize the air in the form of salt lamps, to neutralize unwanted spirit energies and more.  And of course, there is the most common everyday use of salt, which is to preserve and flavor food.  More important than any physical action we do in magick is the maintenance of our state of our mind.  One needs to have excellent clarity about themselves, any situations at hand, emotional experiences that arise, and ultimately, the big picture view.  A conundrum that can arise is this:  as witches and magicians advance in their practice, they often experience extremely profound revelations about the nature of their own conscious awareness, how psychic phenomena are actually happening, and what is really possible when working with energies purposely.  These things make us feel very powerful, which is a good thing-  but the trick is to be able to wield this power and stay extremely humble about it at the same time.  It is difficult to have great power and great humility at the same time.  We see this the world over, where it is rare to have a powerful leader that is successful and assertive also show great humility and compassion.  I believe that for a Witch to truly advance in his or her skills, this is the mindset that needs to happen…and yet, when the experiences of profound connection to Spirit, deities and magickal capabilities happen, we often tend to get very wrapped up in our own heads, placing much more importance there than we really should.  This is where I’ll get back to my point about salt.  (That intro did have a purpose, I promise.  🙂  )  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the phrase “take it with a grain of salt”, and I realized that there is great magickal wisdom in this.  The details of psychic revelations, journey experiences and other magickal workings often need to be taken with a grain of salt.  Let this idea of the purification magick of the salt help you to release the swirling of emotions and worry over every little thing that can happen when we experience something profound.  Yes, we need to integrate it-  but you really can’t do that if your experience has you ramping up emotionally, and getting so drawn into the details and meaning that you can’t focus on other things.  The idea of taking the inner workings of your mind and emotions with a grain of salt may therefore be the best magick ever.  After all, if you lose your sense of stability and groundedness in this reality because you get so wrapped up in your inner work, then there is no potential positive outcome from it anymore.  We need to retain the clarity of the bigger picture of ourselves in the scheme of things always in order to keep our humility in check.  Whenever you realize you might be overthinking something, see if you can ask yourself “can I take this with a grain of salt?”.  This means you are seeing if you can stay calm and purify the emotional swirling of the situation rather than getting too caught up in every nuance.  Some people get upset when I say this, but not every psychic detail you encounter needs to mean something life altering.  It’s important to just let magickal knowledge integrate with ourselves without getting distracted from our sense of clarity and function here in this reality. Keeping it playful can also help us stay clear and not tend toward over-inflating the situation.   The other aspect of the question of the salt that I really appreciate is this:  if you can take something with ONE grain of salt, that must mean that it is a really small portion.  In other words, if your food can be adequately seasoned with only one grain, then it really must be a negligible portion to begin with.  So again, if you can answer the question as “yes, I can take that with a grain of salt”, then you can retain the sense that in the scheme of things, your magickal experience is a small portion when compared with the whole.  We have to be able to remember the principles of microcosm/macrocosm for how powerful they are while also remembering that we are having one among an infinite number of microcosmic experiences happening both within and all around us.  So yes, one grain of salt should be enough to bring out the flavor.  Thank you humble salt, for being as powerful in the conceptual as you are in the physical and energetic, and for reminding us that great power comes from clarity and humility.  And thank you, for listening to another of my philosophical magickal ramblings-  I hope you can take it with a grain of salt.


One Response to “Salt as Magick and Metaphor”

  1. Lovely food for thought. Thank you!
    I look forward to more muses in the coming seasons ~ T

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