Why Are We Here? Another Piece Of The Magickal Puzzle…

Warning!  This piece is not for the unimaginative or for the fundamentalist of any type.  I will discuss magickal experiences I have that I can’t prove or even explain well to those that have not experienced something similar.  But here goes anyway, because I know there are some who will appreciate my thinking.  I had a bit of a revelation during some rune-oriented meditation that I was doing today.  The rune I was working with (algiz) had me thinking about my role as a warrior.  Here in this earth-based reality, I appear as a teacher, witch, healer, mother, etc., and I certainly am all of those things in other realities as well.  But one thing I have come to know about myself as a witch, is that I am quite a literal warrior in other nonphysical realms in which I exist.  In working with my dreams, journeys and messages from my Gods, I have come to know that my role beyond this life is one of protecting innocent people, guarding sacred portals, fighting to preserve magick from those who would abuse it, and more.  This may sound crazy to some, but I actually know quite a few other people who have come to similar realizations about their larger spiritual nature and purpose.  My role as a warrior sorceress in the astral and other planes is now pretty inseparable from my day to day awareness here in physical reality, which means that it is also inseparable from the actual magick that I perform and practice.  My revelation from today has to do with the effects that practicing magick in the here and now has on our skills when in other spiritual forms.  I realized quite clearly that I’m here learning, studying and practicing magick on a daily basis as my life, my calling and my profession because it increases my skills elsewhere.  Living in a physically embodied reality, we have to work very hard to project energy, to emit fire, to accurately send and receive telepathic messages, and to manifest physical change at will in any form.  It’s difficult due to our physics, and requires immense training in order to accrue subtle elevations in skill.  I realized that practicing diligent magick here is like lifting weights in a workout routine to strengthen yourself.  It takes a lot of work, sweating over every repetition, increasing the amount you can lift, and breathing and struggling along day after day in order to see noticeable strength and bodily results…but then when you put those heavy weights down, all the other movements feel easy and smooth.  Your arms feel light and agile.  That strength to move something very heavy translates over into silky effortless ease of movement in many other skills and actions.  Magick is the same:  the more I repeat diligent training here, even with subtle visible results on the physical plane, the easier, smoother and more natural it is to work on behalf of my Gods in other planes.  Jumping to action, receiving telepathic messages, transmuting negative energies with my mind, wielding magickal tools as weapons on a split second’s notice-  these things happen effortlessly there, because I’ve worked so hard to build those muscles here, and in nonphysical realms it’s like having put the weight of this reality down.  My skills just flow with a thought and an instinctual reaction.  As a warrior witch, my role as a fighter and protector feels very important, like something I have been training for and honing through many, many lifetimes and realities.  So that is one more reason that I know I am here in this life:  to lift the weights, to train the mind, to wield the energies so that I continue to hone ease of magickal skill in all the other realities in which I exist.  If you made it this far into this article, congratulations!  Your persistence and intellectual curiosity is appreciated, and maybe I’ll see you wielding your own brand of badassery on the astral tonight.   So Mote It Be.


4 Responses to “Why Are We Here? Another Piece Of The Magickal Puzzle…”

  1. I thank you Warrior for all you protect and serve.

  2. Sally Chinatti Says:

    So beautifully said, you are a constant inspiration and an amazing warrior! So glad you’re on my side.

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