Is There A Spell For_____, and Why Self-Growth Magick Is Underrated

I receive these types of question from random people around the world, who don’t know me, all the time:  “Do you have a spell for preventing your significant other from cheating?”, “Do you have a spell to make me lose weight?”, “Can you please make me a witch?”, “Do you have a spell for obtaining money fast?” and so on, and so on.  It seems as if the general public believes that there are witchcraft secret formulas that people are hoarding, that, if they knew them, would be the instant magickal answer to a problem.  Now, I’m not saying that there are not lots of oath-bound or secret teachings of the Craft in all kinds of orders and traditions around the world, including my own, because there are some.  But none of them is an instant answer to anything.  Yes, there are powerful seals, and ancient incantations.  There are ways to use herbs and stones and ritual to enhance your work.  The bottom line, though, is that magick is all about the practitioner.  All of these ingredients such as seals, symbols, herbs, candles and incantations are there to augment the Witch’s ability to project energy and consciousness into the universe, and to interact with spiritual entities.  Every single thing we do is a relationship-  if you drink rose tea to enhance your love life, it’s not just your relationship with your partner that is involved, it is your relationship with the Spirit of Rose.  If you pray to the spirits of hidden treasure to help you find money, this involves your relationship to those spirits as well as your relationship to money itself.  Just because I may have done a successful job spell in the past does not mean that I can provide the formula to an unprepared person and have them expect that it will work for them.  (And I’m not discussing here what many years of ritual experience, academic study and practice adds-  that could be another blog altogether, though it does have a big impact on effectiveness.) What I am getting at is that the relationship that you have with YOURSELF is the one thing that sets the tone for every single other relationship, circumstance and outcome that you will ever experience.  This is why I think that it is more important, for example, to do a self-love spell than an attracting a lover spell….or why it may be more important to do a spell to help you believe you deserve abundance and security moreso than a money spell.  If your relationship with yourself has sticky spots, then these may need to receive healing or work before more circumstantial physical world magick becomes really effective.  Are the things you do throughout a given day acts of love and support for yourself or are they instant gratification to mask internal discomfort?  Are you able to stay present and enjoy your surroundings, or are you distracted by worry or negative self-talk?  If it’s any of the latter answers, then working magick on your own personal ground state with your guides’ help can be an amazing way to make mental, emotional and energetic shifts that ultimately WILL allow you to be more effective at picking up that spell book and having a success.  None of my students really like it when I say that it’s the personal work, dedication, daily discipline to learning and practice, and strengthening of the inner self that is what will yield skillful magickal results in the long term, but it’s true.  (They especially don’t like it when I point out that exercise enhances your magick and so does limiting sugar, but these could also be another post!)  So remember to try to think about what it is you TRULY want, what you real motivations are, and what your relationship is with yourself going into any magick.  It may help you to rethink the plan, and do the work that gets you the real results of a spiritually enchanted and contented life.  Blessed Be.


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