Magickal Fiction Can Yield Real Magick

I’ve often been asked the question “Do you think you can learn actual magickal techniques from works of fiction?”.  The answer to this, in my opinion, is often yes.  When I read the Lev Grossman book series “The Magicians” and then watched the tv series, it greatly inspired my use of magickal mudras and hand postures for energetic projection.  The characters in the story would make fancy combinations of very precisely entwined finger and hand gestures in order to create amazing magick, both beautiful and fierce.  In the case of this particular series I have not tried practicing any of the actual postures or movement combos depicted in the show.  I simply did my own practice and research and have since become so enamored with this magickal art form that I teach what I know to my advanced students, and they, too, are excited by this type of magick.  More recently, I read the book “The Philosopher’s Flight” by Tom Miller.  This story is set around a different version of reality where a certain population of magickally talented people known as “philosophers” use the precise drawing of sigils in the moment to create different pieces of magick such as flying/hovering, communicating, growing crops and more.  I took two important magickal teachings from the experience of this story.  One is the concept of using sigils drawn with precision, in the moment, using particular substances for specific magickal outcomes.  This is a different approach to sigil work than I had previously learned, but it feels valid and it feels like a place of much potential learning and expansion for me regarding sigilry.  The other thing I gleaned was that the actual sigils shown and taught in the book for use by the characters can be used in actual magickal practice in ordinary reality.  They will continue to grow in energy and group consciousness as more people read the book and understand their functions and come to associate the sigil with the outcome in their minds, in the same way that Reiki symbols have become stronger and stronger over time with the base of practitioners growing.  Not all of the sigils will have the same literal use as in a story of fantasy, of course.  The sigil for hovering (which, in the story, is the literal elevating oneself off the ground and flying in the air) won’t be able to be used under the physics of this reality to lift our dense bodies, but could certainly be used in the sense of activating flying for journeys and dreams, and to symbolize the ability to fly between these types of realms at will.  If you are a witch or magician, I recommend getting the hard copy of this book.  Firstly, enjoy the experience of the story.  But secondly, read the sigils and instructions in the appendix and you’ll see how many of them could augment your practice.  Some people will find this article of mine silly…especially those who have certain fundamentalist beliefs about how magick works or who are very entrenched in one particular system.  But for the open-minded or eclectic practitioner, the options related to magickal learning from fiction are endless.  Even the simple spell words from the Harry Potter series now carry increasing power because so many millions of people around the world understand what they mean.  If, for example, you were doing a spell to provide illumination on a problem and you included the word “lumos” in your incantation to shine light, or you included the word “glacius” in a spell to freeze harm, it would carry that extra magickal consciousness along with it.  Even in my reading of what is possibly my favorite witchy fiction of all time, “A Discovery of Witches” by Deborah Harkness, I found that using the visuals described by the main character for how she saw threads of magick weaving and stretching between herself and her target or goal outcome were very powerful when added to my own magickal workings.  Don’t get me wrong-  90% of the magickal study that I do is in old lore, magickal nonfiction and classical spiritual and philosophical works, and I study daily.  But I don’t discount magickal inspiration that has come from fiction for two reasons.  One is simply that for me….it’s all just different combinations of energy and consciousness anyway, and the possible combinations there are endless.  The other is that many authors of magickal fiction and writers of magickal tv and movies do use real research of classical occult methods and theories to create their stories.  So enjoy your magickal fictional treats, remember that everything exists, everything is possible, and keep creating all the magick!  Blessed Be.  🙂


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