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Why Are We Here? Another Piece Of The Magickal Puzzle…

Posted in Noteworthy Magickal Experiences on July 5, 2018 by nikkisnature

Warning!  This piece is not for the unimaginative or for the fundamentalist of any type.  I will discuss magickal experiences I have that I can’t prove or even explain well to those that have not experienced something similar.  But here goes anyway, because I know there are some who will appreciate my thinking.  I had a bit of a revelation during some rune-oriented meditation that I was doing today.  The rune I was working with (algiz) had me thinking about my role as a warrior.  Here in this earth-based reality, I appear as a teacher, witch, healer, mother, etc., and I certainly am all of those things in other realities as well.  But one thing I have come to know about myself as a witch, is that I am quite a literal warrior in other nonphysical realms in which I exist.  In working with my dreams, journeys and messages from my Gods, I have come to know that my role beyond this life is one of protecting innocent people, guarding sacred portals, fighting to preserve magick from those who would abuse it, and more.  This may sound crazy to some, but I actually know quite a few other people who have come to similar realizations about their larger spiritual nature and purpose.  My role as a warrior sorceress in the astral and other planes is now pretty inseparable from my day to day awareness here in physical reality, which means that it is also inseparable from the actual magick that I perform and practice.  My revelation from today has to do with the effects that practicing magick in the here and now has on our skills when in other spiritual forms.  I realized quite clearly that I’m here learning, studying and practicing magick on a daily basis as my life, my calling and my profession because it increases my skills elsewhere.  Living in a physically embodied reality, we have to work very hard to project energy, to emit fire, to accurately send and receive telepathic messages, and to manifest physical change at will in any form.  It’s difficult due to our physics, and requires immense training in order to accrue subtle elevations in skill.  I realized that practicing diligent magick here is like lifting weights in a workout routine to strengthen yourself.  It takes a lot of work, sweating over every repetition, increasing the amount you can lift, and breathing and struggling along day after day in order to see noticeable strength and bodily results…but then when you put those heavy weights down, all the other movements feel easy and smooth.  Your arms feel light and agile.  That strength to move something very heavy translates over into silky effortless ease of movement in many other skills and actions.  Magick is the same:  the more I repeat diligent training here, even with subtle visible results on the physical plane, the easier, smoother and more natural it is to work on behalf of my Gods in other planes.  Jumping to action, receiving telepathic messages, transmuting negative energies with my mind, wielding magickal tools as weapons on a split second’s notice-  these things happen effortlessly there, because I’ve worked so hard to build those muscles here, and in nonphysical realms it’s like having put the weight of this reality down.  My skills just flow with a thought and an instinctual reaction.  As a warrior witch, my role as a fighter and protector feels very important, like something I have been training for and honing through many, many lifetimes and realities.  So that is one more reason that I know I am here in this life:  to lift the weights, to train the mind, to wield the energies so that I continue to hone ease of magickal skill in all the other realities in which I exist.  If you made it this far into this article, congratulations!  Your persistence and intellectual curiosity is appreciated, and maybe I’ll see you wielding your own brand of badassery on the astral tonight.   So Mote It Be.


Energetic House Cleansing: A True Story

Posted in Noteworthy Magickal Experiences on October 19, 2017 by nikkisnature

I have done my share of house cleansing and blessings for myself and clients through the years.  This usually involves performing a bunch of energetic actions and ritual words throughout the home, as well as calling upon guides and divine assistance, and listening psychically to the space to determine the nature of the energies present, and what else, if anything, might need to be done.  Normally, it is a pretty intense experience, since I’m so focused and honed in on the needed energy of determination that is required to really command and direct spiritual energy in a space.  I often get messages about the emotions of unseen inhabitants, but the signs and communications I get are normally sensed energetically or seen in the mind’s eye.  I don’t normally encounter the dramatic stuff of movies…until just recently.

I was called to a lovely home (which shall remain completely anonymous for the family’s privacy) because some of the family members were experiencing lots of activity, sightings, footsteps, voices and other things they felt were some kind of haunting, and they were quite fearful about it.  As I parked my car and walked up to the front steps, the home’s two small dogs were barking at me crazily, clamoring around my legs and such.  I didn’t think much of it except that it continued on and on, and the homeowner was surprised as apparently they would normally lose interest in newcomers after a few minutes.  Eventually she penned off a little area for the dogs so they would let me work through the house.  I was into my routine of going through the home with various elements, incantations and projecting energies of cleansing when I heard a loud bang.  I didn’t think much of it, because the homeowner was doing her own thing so I figured it was her.  However, I turned to leave the room I was in and saw her in the hallway with a stunned look on her face-  a window had slammed open on its own.  They are not traditional sash windows, they tilt…so I figured maybe that one was loose or broken so it didn’t stay up as it should…but she didn’t seem to think this should have happened.  I continued on, keeping an increasing air of perseverance, and while wafting a cloud of strong incense from my cauldron toward a window in the room that is the epicenter of the activity in the house, a fan noise started revving very loudly right near me.  I noticed that the fan of a special air filter device had turned on and been cranked to its highest setting.  I asked the homeowner if that was set to go on and off by itself, or would have been activated by my incense but found that it was simply a machine you either turn on or off by depressing a power button.  So the unit turned on by itself.  As I continued the job, another loud bang, and then a little later another, and another.  Completely different windows than the first one, slamming open forcefully.  At one point I also heard the garage door open beneath us.  Again, assuming it was the homeowner, I was startled when we crossed paths and with wide eyes she nervously told me it had activated by itself.

Now, I know this all sounds “The Conjuring” style scary.  It was a little unnerving to have so much blatant activity happening, yet it was all actions that were helpful to the cleansing-  windows opening, door opening, fan turning on.  During the psychic work I did throughout the house, I did come across energies of both human deceased involvement as well as nature and land spirits that were part of the action.  Nothing, however, seemed malevolent toward the family at all-  there were definitely some strong emotions felt, and some territorial energies of the land, but nothing intending this family any harm.  I did a lot of work communicating with these intelligences to work toward the most harmonious state possible for the house at the time.  I helped the homeowner to have a better idea of how to develop a mutually respectful relationship with the energy around her and not to approach it with fear-  this can be tough for people that have natural psychic inclinations but no support system in which to sort them out or learn to use them.  At the end of the job, the two little dogs were let out of their pen and stayed totally quiet, but glued to my side and wanting cuddle me.  It’s almost as if the dogs were alerted to the energies of the house getting riled up when I first arrived, knowing I was going to come in and shift it, and when I was done, they were happy and calm.  They even seemed to stare after me longingly as I pulled out of the driveway.

I am honored to have been able to help this family and will continue to do so in any way they need, whether the house needs follow up help in the future, or they need energy work or teaching to get better at sorting out their spirit sensing experiences.  This would all be a normal part of the ministerial aspect of my work…but the huge outrush of energy from the house causing all of the slamming windows and turning on of electronics…that was something you don’t see everyday.  As they say, the proverbial veil is super thin right now, for whatever that means to you-  may you have a supportive and productive relationship with the spirits around you.  Blessed Be.

Spiritual Motivation For Lucid Dreaming

Posted in Noteworthy Magickal Experiences on May 21, 2017 by nikkisnature

I am not only a shamanic dream teacher and have a deep dreaming practice of my own, but I strive constantly to improve my ability to attain full lucidity in the dream time as often as possible.  What does all of this mean?  Shamanic dream work is taking the approach that dreams are other realities or alternative versions of this reality.  Within this view, one can then journey back into the scene of a dream awake,  just as one makes shamanic journeys into nonordinary reality in traditional practice, and interact with the energies and images of the dream time, bringing them into ordinary reality to enhance our lives and our expanded vision and understanding of our world.  For over ten years I have maintained an unbroken streak of journaling all of my remembered dreams daily, and following up on work with any that stand out or in which I have a clear sense of emotional investment.  Through this dreaming practice I have often been prepared for the future with precognitive dreams, I have interacted with spiritual guides and the deceased, and I have been shown magick that I have been able to bring into my day to day physical reality.  In addition to all of this, as I mentioned, I strive also to be able to become lucid while dreaming.  A lot of people don’t fully know what this means-  if you are wondering if a certain dream you had was a lucid dream, then it really wasn’t.  I say this, because when you become fully lucid (meaning you have clear knowledge that you are dreaming, simultaneously being aware of your body in your bed, and having full recollection of everything to do with physical reality) it is unlike any other kind of dream experience.  For me there is usually the sensation of a clear energy shift from a normal state of dreaming into this hyper-aware state.  As I gain the revelation that I’m successfully aware of ordinary reality in its entirety and also still anchored firmly in the dream world, I notice how crisp every little physical sensation is-  I become aware of my body and my environment in a way that feels much more real than ordinary reality, in fact.  In this state you can experience sensation in any way you choose-  you can fly, pass through walls and shoot fire from your hands.  In addition to this, you can transport yourself to other locations at will, speak with whomever you want, and often you can experience intense spiritual revelation.  Many authors and lifelong students of lucid dreaming have been able to have experiences of interacting with deity.  When I began to really cultivate my own practice and read more and more accounts of this, I became determined to work toward this goal myself.

As I got better at reality checks, practicing meditation and holding my engagement level with the hypnagogic state, I began to increase my frequency of lucid dreams, and I held onto the daily intention that I would try to interact with The Morrigan, my matron guide and Goddess.  Even though I would get lucid often, it is not always easy to stay firmly anchored enough in that state to get things done, and often the first thing I want to do when I attain lucidity is fly, and then I lose my opportunity to do more.   So I continued to try.  On the morning of Halloween 2016 I was dreaming and became lucid.  I stepped out of the room in which I was engaging with a previous dream character, and into an empty hallway.  I simply held a clear thought about wanting to invite The Morrigan into this state so I could interact with her.  Even though I have mental images of how I imagine her, what happened next was not controlled by me or conjured up purposely in any way.  As I thought of my Goddess, what happened was not what I expected.  I had thought I might converse with a deity in human shape.  But I saw a foggy cloud made of bats and crows moving toward me.  It rushed into me, passing through every cell and space of me, filling me with an intense energy rush stronger than anything I’ve ever felt.  To have this happen and know it clearly while aware of yourself in ordinary reality is indescribable.  As the energy rush continued to fill me, I was levitated off of the floor, in a horizontal, face up position.  Floating in the air with the energy continuing to shoot through me, infusing me with the intense strength and ferocity of The Morrigan, I began to have some facial convulsions and snarling.  I knew her wolf form, and it surprised me, as I had normally focused on her crow and raven forms.  Eventually, as the energy flow finished, I stood upright again.  I chose to wake up at that point so I could journal this amazing experience while it was fresh.  I was fully amazed at what had happened, and that in this state of lucidity, I had invited Her in and been gifted with an extreme energy download, in a way I couldn’t have imagined or dreamed up myself.  I expressed thanks, honored Her in my rituals, and continued to cultivate my relationship with her as well as my lucid dreaming skills.

Some months later, in a journey I was leading for a class of my advanced coven students, I had a conversation with The Morrigan where she told me that next time I could lucid dream with her, I should ask about “the blood sharing ritual”.  It took a while, and a lot of short lucid attempts before I was again lucid for long enough to carry out this request.  Finding myself anchored in firmly, I stated to the dream space that I would like to speak with The Morrigan to find out what this blood sharing ritual was.  Suddenly, an intense cloud of fog came at me and infused me intensely, much in the same way as the cloud of crows and bats from the previous interaction.  I also was given a knowing in the experience of that moment that her “blood”, that life force which she is able to share directly with me, comes in the form of energy.  This was how she infused me with her strengths.  I also knew that later I would have to gift some of my blood and energy to her, which I did, in ordinary reality.  But, in that same dream space, after the energetic infusion, I continued to remain firmly in the dream.  Fully aware, I decided to continue on with my spiritual work, and asked that I be able to experience what it is to be a Raven.  I instantly began to feel a slightly uncomfortable shift as my body morphed its form.  Strange to not have arms, and to see not much of myself except for some black feather hairs sticking beyond the boundaries of my eyelids, I flexed my back muscles and was able to fly.  The sensations through this body were amazing-  the air felt tingly and full of current as I moved.  It did not feel as I imagined it would, again affirming that I was not controlling this or making it up.  The air felt more like water upon which I was surfing.  I was surprised at how easily I could glide upon it with little or no effort, especially since I had loads of previous experience in lucid dreaming flying.  I flew for a while before landing and choosing to wake up to journal and plan my offerings.

Immense gratitude does not even describe how I feel about having been able to embark on these interactions with Her.  Amazed with what is real and possible in the scope of the conscious and energetic planes of this universe describes it more aptly.  I feel blessed to have received a direct infusion, a gift of energy from my Goddess now, on multiple occasions.  It empowers and renews me, and reminds me that She is part of me as I am part of Her.  We are connected in a very primal way, one that I am so honored to have been able to feel firsthand, in the most real and direct way possible.  If I can leave you with any inspiration to consider from this, let it be the following:  dreaming is our spiritual birthright, and can open the door to the realities and mysteries that we can’t experience firsthand in the physics of our current ordinary reality.  Deities and guides are real.  They are intelligent entities who are connected to you and are accessible with a simple thought.  You may not be able to see and feel them so intensely in ordinary reality, but they exist in and through you.  If you can combine strong dreaming skills with strong faith, the possibilities are literally limitless.  Blessed Be.

A Glimpse of the Otherworld

Posted in Noteworthy Magickal Experiences on April 3, 2016 by nikkisnature

I had a rare day completely off from work today.  My husband had gone to New York City with friends, and despite the fact that it had snowed overnight on this April 3rd, the sun was out and I was not going to miss the opportunity to spend some much needed time in the woods.  I asked the kids if they wanted to go for a hike with me, and they said no.  Instead of pushing the issue I decided I’d jump on the opportunity to go alone and have them exercise later.  Right before I left the house, I knew I could use this woods time to “go listening”, as they say.  I impulsively placed three drops of mugwort pure plant essence on my tongue and swallowed it.  Now, there is an important side note here.  Do not do this unless you already have a good history of successful usage with mugwort, or without consulting personally with an herbalist or qualified medicinal aromatherapist.  I have a long history with this plant, and have been using the essence on my skin and ingesting it carefully and respectfully for years.   Any plant essence used on the skin or for ingestion needs to be of the highest grade, and completely pure-  do not go online and purchase from just anyone.  Also, you should always test usage on the skin a bunch of times to look for reactions before you ever consider putting an oil on an orifice.  If you want advice on this, feel free to contact me, but just know that reading this doesn’t automatically make it okay for you to do.  Okay, disclaimer over.  So, in this way, the mugwort is incredibly strong and difficult in taste, and stays at the back of the tongue and throat for at least an hour or more.  I got to the trail I had chosen to hike and set out.  I began turning up my sense of alertness, taking in the energy of the place, and as I walked I began whispering an incantation to my leading Goddess, the Morrigan.  I repeated over and over again throughout the majority of the hike “Morrigan, Phantom, Queen of the Sidhe, show me the Otherworld, let me see”.  (Note that Sidhe is pronounced “Shee”, allowing the incantation to have some rhyme and rhythm.) My intention in asking this was not necessarily to communicate with the dead, or with fairies, or anything in particular per se, but to better understand what the Otherworld is in terms of the meaning implied in old Irish mythology.  At once the atmosphere changed from a sunny snow melt to a gray menacing sky with high velocity winds whipping around me in visual circular patterns.  I hiked on and was amazed at the rapidly changing conditions.  It seemed that there was a constant cycling-  I would experience blazing warm sun and blue skies, then fierce winds with tree branches bowing and pointing markedly, then blizzard snowfalls with poor visibility, branches breaking and falling all around me and the feeling of danger.  I knew intuitively that I was not in any actual danger but I was blown away by the repeated pattern of change that was happening in the forest around me, minute by minute.  A full blown raven flew overhead, and croaked deeply just to let me know that she was, in fact, a raven, and not the more commonly seen crow.  I began to understand that the Otherworld is an in-between realm where portals to every possible experience exist.  It is very much like the state of lucid dreaming, where one can do and see things consciously that don’t follow our material world physics…it is enchanted.  As I continued to walk I would also intermittently see flashes of what seemed to be animal or nature spirits darting past me.  I began to acknowledge this verbally in order to allow communication to happen.  A fox spirit named Cheever made contact and I asked why he chose to show himself to me.  Instantly I found myself in a small clearing where I felt the winds rising up violently in a ring around the place on which I stood.  I realized Cheever had led me to become aware of a greater spiritual presence, here-  a deity of place, if you will.  The winds continued to talk and gesture through the trees, begging me to get it.  I stuttered aloud “El…nar? El..var?  Elnavar!”  The winds howled upon getting the name of the guardian of this forest to roll finally off of my tongue.  I saw myself from above as if watching this like a move scene, knowing that no means of describing it to others would get them to understand the magick that was happening, and the clear drama of the situation that spoke so clearly through the forest.  Swallowing deeply to renew my sense of connection through mugwort, I introduced myself formally.  Elnavar wanted me to return again to this forest at intervals to commune with her and it, and she also wanted me to bring some of my coven members to commune with her as well.  I was aware that a few of my coven members who live locally already have a familiarity with these woods, but that there were also plenty of others who had never been here.  I told her I would bring some of my witchcraft students back to connect with this place.  As I blew her a kiss, finished my hike and emerged out of the woods and into a meadow that led back to where I had parked, the sun was back out, shiny and warm and melting the snow.  It has stayed this way for hours since…no further evidence of the crazy shifting of many worlds at once.  I believe that in opening myself to be guided by my Goddess in deepening my understanding of the term “Otherworld” I was granted a special magickal experience.  I connected with magickal beings and witnessed so many changing atmospheric states that I feel confident in my knowing that the Otherworld is not dark or light, but all shades at once.  Anything is possible from that in between realm, and we can experience meetings with beings that cannot normally manifest in this plane.  I am sure  this glimpse is only a millimeter on the tip of an iceberg of learning that I will barely see in this lifetime of study, but I feel honored, awed and grateful for having had it. Yours in magic, Lady Nikki.