Almost Everyone is an Empath…

Well, sort of.  It is so common now for people to come to an understanding of a “new age” term, identify with it, and then throw it around left and right.  I’m not saying that you are not an empath, as we say, because you probably are.  But there are a few aspects to this term that are worth considering, and certainly many subtleties.  I believe that everyone has the capacity to sense the feelings of others, but some people just seem to become more affected by them than others.  The question is then, where is the line that defines how much sensitivity to others defines an empath?  I constantly see facebook quizzes going around that say “if you say yes to 8 out of 10 of the following statements then you are most likely an empath”.  The statements are things such as “you don’t like crowds”, “You prefer one on one quiet conversation to noisy parties”, “you require a lot of alone time”, “you often feel upset all of a sudden and can’t explain why”, “you are unable to watch violent or scary television without feeling disturbed or excessively upset”, and many more.  I know so many people that would answer yes to all of these, but are they all empaths?  Maybe, maybe not.  If so, then it is certainly not an uncommon way to be.  If not, then who is?  I used to say that I identified with being an empath because everything I would read would ring true with me for the most part.  But I am starting to think that maybe the true empaths are only the people who fully feel someone else’s complete set of emotions regularly, as though they were their very own.  And I’m not talking about passing notions of an emotion, or getting a sense of an emotion you don’t understand.  I mean really, truly feeling it simultaneously, and having it happen routinely with multiple people, not just your closest family and friends.  I say this because I believe I have seen a few people who are going through this, but this is not what happens to me, despite the fact that I score 90-100% on every empath identification quiz.  I regularly get a wave of knowing someone’s exact emotional state, but now that I am examining this much more closely, it is just that-  a knowing.  It is not a sensing of the emotions that overtakes me as if they were my own.  I am not usually in full turmoil over someone else’s stress.  Also, I love horror, fantasy and all manner of magickal and thrilling TV and movies whether it has violence in it or not, and I’m not usually bothered by that.  I believe that ability I experience where I know the emotions of other people is a form of psychic awareness known as claircognizance, whereas the state we are all currently referring to as empathic is simply the form of psychic awareness known as clairsentience.  So for me, I normally simply know psychically what is going on, rather than feeling it fully.  I do have intermittent bouts of clairsentience where I’ll feel a symptom or emotion fully in myself, but it doesn’t seem to impair my normal function or get confused with my own true feelings.  To sum up, I believe that everyone has different psychic abilities that fall somewhere on a spectrum from rarely sensed or very light, to daily occurrences that are clear and able to be validated.  I think in the circles in which I teach, I’ll go back to differentiating for my students which experiences they may be having are clairsentient, claircognizant, clairvoyant, and which are simply just feeling emotionally sensitive oneself, because now that everyone is an empath, it’s becoming tough to discern which situations require training and psychic cultivation in order to learn to handle, and which ones are simply the side effects of being a normal sensitive human being.  Feel free to open up discussion here in the comments !


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