The Art of Feather Finding


At this moment in late spring, feather finding season is finally here for those of us who are magickal practitioners in the northern US.  In many cultures and through much of time birds have been considered to be very magical-  one of the great mysteries of metaphysical exploration has always been seated in the notion of understanding celestial, heavenly, ascended realms while still immersed in our time here on Earth.  Birds have come to be a representative symbol of this, since they exist here on our earth and are dependent on earth substances for their survival as we are, but they also take to the skies and embody flight and transportation between earth and sky.  Finding feathers has come to be even more meaningful to me personally since I have a bird-oriented Goddess as my primary guide and divine connection.  I consider found feathers to be gifts of magick, and have naturally found hundreds of feathers per spring/summer/fall season per year in the past few years, continuing to increase as my magickal practice deepens.  Many of my coven students and clients have asked me if there is some trick…they want to know how I manage to find so many feathers.  I have realized that while not tricks, there are some definite approaches that make feather finding more likely, and so I will share my insights with you here:

  1.  Go walking outside a lot, and be open to the idea of spotting and collecting feathers.  It sounds obvious, but if you only walk outdoors once in a great while, your odds are going to be much lower than that of the next Witch.
  2. Make a point of walking in the morning, when it has not rained for the past few days.  It is much harder to find feathers on wet ground, and the ones that you find like that will probably be in crummy condition anyway.
  3. Choose quiet settings where people don’t walk constantly, and go when the grass has not been freshly mowed.  (This, too, will ruin any feathers that were there)  Cemeteries, trails at local ponds or land conservation areas are great options.
  4. As you walk, allow your eyes to casually scan along edges of things-  edge of the path or road, or places where a feather would get stopped if it were being blown by wind.  Also when you pass open patches of grass, scan out over these areas and look for anything sticking up.  If you aren’t sure if it’s a leaf or a feather, it’s often worth getting a closer look.
  5. Soften the visual expectation in your mind’s eye.  By this I mean, watch to make sure you are not just envisioning one style of feather or one size of feather in your mind.  Just like doing a large jigsaw puzzle and looking for that one piece you need amidst all the rest, it can be very hard to spot something that doesn’t really look like what you were expecting.  If you have a hard time being present enough to do open-minded noticing, try rotating in your mind through all different feather types as you walk-  picture barred feathers, solid colored feathers, small feathers and large.
  6. If you have a connection with a bird as a power animal, or a guide or God/Goddess that has bird energy, create a short, rhythmic incantation that you can repeat to yourself as you walk.  I’ll give you an example of one that I use (although I don’t use this solely for finding feathers, it sure does seem to help).  I’ll repeat:

Morrigan, Phantom, Queen of the Sidhe,

Show me the feathers, let me see.

Note that “Sidhe” is pronounced “shee”, so this has a nice sound to it.  To really use it as a wonderful meditation while looking for feathers at the same time, I suggest pacing out four walking steps per line, inhaling through the mental stating of the first line, and then exhaling through the second line.  This is just an example, and again, I urge you to personalize and create something that has you working with your own guides for intuitive steering.  Even if your primary guide or God/dess is not related to birds in any way, they can still guide you, and it’s worth a shot.  Even if you are not sure who your guides are but you feel an affinity or interest in a specific Goddess…make an incantation that honors her and asks for help.  S/he will appreciate it, and if s/he is truly yours, you will receive help and validation!

I hope this inspires greater feather finding confidence as you go back out there!  There are many ways that feathers can be used magically, and maybe that is a topic for the next article.  Wishing you many flights of fancy and inspiration-

Lady Nikki, HPS, Society of Witchcraft and Old Magick



3 Responses to “The Art of Feather Finding”

  1. I find feathers all the time, when I walk the dogs, when I garden and even when I just walk around…….I save them.

  2. I find feathers all the time, when I garden or take the dogs out, or just go for a walk around my garden.

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