Do magick to live, or live to do magick?

This is a question that, for me, can’t be answered because it is constantly cyclical.  The more magick I do, the more enchanted and wondrous my life becomes.  The practice of magick feeds itself, creating increasing psychic awareness, constant incidents of undeniable synchronicity, deep understanding of universal connections outside of time, and more.  At this point I use magick to deepen all aspects of connection in my life, because magick has come to be everything and everywhere…so I need my magickal spiritual practice in order to thrive and continue to grow, and I also feel that it is my purpose.  For many practitioners there is a sense of this-  a knowing that magickal practices can open one up to deep wonder, to mystical experiences…but it is all too common for people to get stuck at a place where they do not feel they are continuing to develop.  I believe the reason that this happens is that for many there is no actual routine practice.  Many people who have become inspired by the Craft read and study and collect magical items and feel a pull…but never develop consistent practices that allow for personal progress.  It is totally necessary.  You are never going to run a marathon if you don’t first master the mile…and you are never going to be able to experience your real psychic abilities and your true sense of being able to manipulate energy with your mind unless you work out.  In the Society of Witchcraft and Old Magick we teach our students to get used to doing a short day opening ritual.  This is one way to get practitioners into the habit of doing something every day that is focused, that puts your mind on the planetary vibes of the day, and allows for practice of simple manifestation work.  I cannot share our rituals publicly, but I can make the following suggestion for those not in a structured coven:  Know the planetary correspondences of the days of the week that are universal and unwavering-  Sunday/Sun, Monday/Moon, Tueday/Mars, Wednesday/Mercury, Thursday/Jupiter, Friday/Venus, Saturday/Saturn.  No tradition around will argue with these timeless associations.  Research (from a well-reputed author or source) what vibrations go along with each planet, and make a habit out of starting your day with a short meditative period where you intend to set up your day well.  To practice your manifestation skills, while in meditation, ask the spirits of the planet of the day to help you to maintain a particular emotional state that goes along with that vibe.  For example, on Friday, the day of Venus, you might ask for help in responding in a loving way to everyone you interact with that day.  You will be amazed how well this works, and right away.  I recommend starting this way instead of asking for huge requests right off the bat.  If you are single and the first petition you make is for your soul mate to appear, you may feel defeated when it doesn’t happen…but since you haven’t had a lot of practice holding your focus on smaller achievements, this should come as no surprise.  Once you start seeing some successes in small and short term goal attainment, you can start envisioning and asking for greater feats.  Doing this will not only help build you up to better at real spell crafting, but it will have you feeling connected daily to planetary cycles, and this, in turn, causes your intuitive skills to begin heightening in a way that may not have been able to before.  You can read all the books there are, but if you don’t practice at something you will not see your skills change.  Here is to your blossoming magickal practice!  If you wish to see magickal blog entries on specific topics by request, that may be possible, so feel free to leave such ideas in the comments below.  Wishing all a sparkling day-  Blessed Be!


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