Book Review: “A Witch’s Guide to Psychic Healing”

I just finished reading “A Witch’s Guide to Psychic Healing” by Gavin and Yvonne  Frost and thought I’d share my take on it.  It does read quickly and easily, but I find the approach a bit strange.  The authors keep making reference to what Witches would and wouldn’t do with respect to health and healing, as though the reading audience were non-witchy folk.  I find that odd, because after all, it is termed “A Witch’s Guide…”, and has a nice big pentagram on the front.  That is going to prevent anyone not interested in the Craft from picking up the book and giving it a thorough read.  There were a few chapters that I really did like:  there was one on using a special twelve houses style astrological tarot spread as an intuitive tool for uncovering the mental and emotional causes of illness.  This spread seemed like something I would use, and was described in a way that seemed much more immediately applicable than most non-traditional tarot spreads you see.  There were also some instructions for exercises to hone different clair senses using magnets-  I hadn’t seen these all described like this in one place before, so I found that useful though I have yet to try them.  Unfortunately, aside from the few practical applications I came across such as these, I found the book too simplistic.  Keep in mind that I have been pretty much engaged in reading one occult book or another for the past twelve or thirteen years straight, so I am a discerning audience.  It’s just that a lot of the material was basic medical or healing information, or just health tips given from a holistic standpoint.  I also study holistic care, so much of this seemed like everyday common sense.  I feel that given the title there should have been a greater emphasis on practicing the psychic and intuitive aspect and less on diet and exercise suggestions.  If any of you have read this as well, please chime in and let me know what you thought.  I’d like to know if I’m way off the mark here, or if this book was more gratifying from a different standpoint.  Thanks for listening!  Soon to come:  my review of my deck “The Tarot of the Vampyres” and its accompanying book “Phantasmagoria”!  Blessed Be.


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