No Static in the Snow

Here in CT we got two feet of snow between last night and today!  There is nothing like that peace that is present in the morning of a fresh snowfall.  It reminds me of why I am so appreciative of my rural surroundings.  I used to live in a more populated, busy town, and there was just something very different about the air there.  Now I’m not talking about the air quality itself, although I’m sure that’s better in the country too, I am referring to the quality of the ether.  The atmosphere in a busy place can be very disturbing for those who are perceptive to the vibrations (especially stressful vibrations) of others.  Obviously there are many people that can thrive off of that type of energy-  see NYC or other big metropolises for example, but I am one who gains great mental clarity and renewed energy from the natural calm of a quiet wood, and I usually leave a highly populated area feeling drained.  I believe that our thoughts and energies create a certain static in the air that is accessible to those who are receptive.  I believe in picking things up out of the ether randomly, like when you have one of those days where a certain very uncommon word or phrase pops into your day on multiple occasions from different sources.  Anyway-  back to my original thought about the snow.  We all know there is a magic in the snow-  it is beautiful, and miraculous and peaceful.  I am thinking, though, that a big part of its magic is its inherent ability to cleanse the air of unnecessary static.  Its balance of beauty and danger makes people slow down and focus-  it makes other critters slow down and focus, too.  It also gives us the ability to see the world through a different set of lenses, and this lends great perspective to how we carry on through the mundane.  Water is a cleansing element, and snow is just water in a sparkly, star-filled form.  Rain seems to cleanse the ground whereas the lightness of the snow cleanses the air while insulating the ground.  The quiet threat of snow travel brings Kuan Yin to mind-  and hers is a very calm yet strong energy.  In this new blog I hope to have discussions about many aspects of myth, magic and dreams-  but today I just wanted to bring your attention back to the now, so that we can share the wonder and opportunities for magic that occur when you experience the fact that there is no static in the snow.


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